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It is important that you read all the terms and conditions in this agreement carefully. The Türkiye Diyanet Foundation Center for Islamic Studies (ISAM) is the sole owner, manager, operator and administrator of this website. This website can be accessed at https://istanbultarihi.ist/. The terms in this Agreement set forth the terms and conditions of the user's access and use of the website.

Accessing and using this website means that you accept this Agreement and that you are bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the written terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and do not want to be bound by these terms, you must not access or use this website. If you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions, rules, instructions, operation and administration of this website managed by ISAM, the only legal way is to not continue to use this website. ISAM has the right to change and update this Agreement at any time.


This website and the content thereof are offered to you as is. By accessing and using this website, you assume the risks arising from the use of the content of the website. ISAM does not make any suggestions or recommendations and does not make any statement or give any guarantee to the user that the content of this website is, including but not limited to, accurate, reliable, suitable and appropriate or that the information, data, software, products or services used in the content thereof are suitable for use, or that the operation and administration of the website will be error-free and continuous, or that any malfunctions, errors or defects will be remedied, or that the website has been cleaned of harmful elements and viruses.


If this website provides links or access to the websites of third parties for the convenience of the user, this does not mean that the contents of said websites of the third parties are approved by ISAM. Furthermore, it does not mean that the accuracy and reliability of the content of the links given by third parties to this website are approved by ISAM.

Although ISAM encourages additions and links to this website, ISAM does not allow, in this paragraph, to provide links, access or make such additions to websites of third parties containing the following contents: Any negative information which is unlawful, intimidating, threatening, insulting, contrary to religion or general morality, indecent, obscene, derogatory, defamatory, expletive, pornographic, scandalous, and any other similar negative information, and all kinds of messages, words, behaviors and publications that are punishable and that may be criminal or incite crime or violate national and international laws, any content that could damage the reputation or credibility of ISAM or damage its business and actions, or any content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred and any physical harm and damage against any group or person, or harassment against a minority group through its messages, publications or information, or any content that contain all kinds of information and elements that are sexual and violent and encourage such, or any information or publication that praises and encourages illegal acts or any software programs or any other tools and elements that violate or infringe personal moral and intellectual property rights of others.

ISAM has the right to refuse and prohibit all kinds of additions, access, links to websites that contain any content stated in the above paragraph or any additions and kins by other websites that contain any content stated in the above paragraph, and in such cases, as a user, you agree to remove such content and links from the website upon the request of ISAM.


Since information exchanges on the Internet are generally not secure, you are advised to be careful in your information exchange on the Internet, and ISAM cannot give or gives guarantees to the user regarding the security of your communication, personal and other information on the website or against the unauthorized access of your information by third parties.


In the event that you, as the user, violate this contract expressly or implicitly, ISAM permits the violation of this Agreement or waive such right, this does not mean that ISAM has given any permission for your violation of these or other similar Agreement terms or waived its right against any other violations.


All, but not limited to, text, writings, articles, announcements, graphics, photographs, images, pictures, sound clips, software, and computer codes that are published on this website or that can be accessed via this website, that is, collectively, the content of this website, are owned by ISAM and/or by the parties that grant the license to ISAM or that are authorized to provided content on this website, and are protected by Turkish and foreign intellectual property legislation. Moreover, the content of this website is protected by Turkish and foreign copyright legislation regarding adapted and collected works. The user must also comply with additional notices, warnings and restrictions regarding copyrights related to the content that is published on this website or can be accessed via this website.

Any use of this website that is not expressly set forth in this Agreement and that is made without a clear and written permission by ISAM, as well as any complete or partial use or benefit from this website through reproduction, dissemination, communication to public, representation, adaptation, modification, translation, falsification, public display, exhibition, uploading to a website, online publication, transmission, retransmission, distribution, or in other ways are prohibited.

ISAM reserves its copyrights under Article 36 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works on any text, writing, announcement, photograph, graphic, image, picture, sound clip, software, or computer code, that is, collectively, the content of this website, and other similar elements, not limited to the elements stated in the above paragraph. The specified elements cannot be used without permission, even if a reference is given to the source.


ISAM or the directors, managers, employees, licensors of ISAM or their successors, or any persons receiving transfer or assignment from ISAM cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage, business loss, loss of data or profits, or any incidental, special, direct or indirect damage and loss or wrongful act, regardless of whether they result from the violation or negligence of this Agreement under any circumstances or conditions, including but not limited to negligence, depending on the applicable law.

ISAM shall not be held liable even if ISAM knows or must or should know the occurrence or the possibility of occurrence of losses and damages mentioned in the above paragraph. The above-stated persons shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the user's negligence in protecting the user password and account information under any circumstances if requested.

ISAM expressly declares that ISAM does not accept any responsibility for the actions, mistakes, negligence and behavior of the sponsors, advertisers and third parties on the website through joint or individual use. Moreover, under any circumstances or conditions, ISAM cannot be held responsible for the acts, negligence and behavior of any persons including but not limited to the directors, managers, employees, licensors and third parties who use the website, or for any damages, losses, injuries, harm and expenses that may occur due to the use or the failure to use the contents, goods and services, all kinds of similar elements, software and programs provided on this website or on the websites that are linked or accessed through this website.

Hereby, you agree that ISAM or the directors, managers, employees, licensors or their successors or any persons that receive transfer or assignment from ISAM cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, expense, harm, or injury that may arise from the purchase of goods and services from this website or third parties through the website, and that you will not claim any rights as a user regarding these issues.


All software placed and recorded on the website, and, including but not limited to, all computer codes, all files and images contained or embedded therein or created by such computer software (“software”) are protected by copyright and related laws. The ownership of such software belongs to ISAM or its licensors or other authorized persons holding the ownership of such software. Under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the user is granted the right to access and use the software on the website, and in addition, other terms and conditions may be stipulated for access and use of such software.

If this website offers the software for your use, to install, provided that you comply with the terms set forth in this Agreement and the terms regarding the downloading and use of software in addition to this Agreement unless otherwise agreed, you can, personally, install and run a copy of this software on a non-networked computer for personal and non-commercial purposes under a non-transferable and non-exclusive license.

Except for the cases explicitly permitted in this Agreement, the user cannot, completely or partially, use, reproduce, edit, translate, adapt, upload, download or transmit the software, cannot remove, change or store notices regarding the trademarks and ownership specified in the software, cannot sell, rent, license, transfer or otherwise access such software, or cannot disassemble, extract, decompile, decrypt and crack, reverse engineer the software, or assist others in this regard.

The software placed on this website is provided for your use as it is, and no express or implied warranty or guarantee can be given for such software. Nothing on this website grants the user any right, title, interest or license right, nor grants any intellectual property rights or similar rights on the software, on this website or on the software downloaded through this website.


You may be asked to register and become a member of this website to use some parts of the website. In this case, you must provide the information requested from you for registration and membership, or the information requested in the registration and member form provided to you, in a correct, reliable, and complete manner, and update this information in a timely manner. If ISAM has reasonable grounds to doubt about the accuracy, credibility, reliability and up-to-dateness of the information you provide, ISAM may suspend or block your use of this website and your access to the website.


At any time and without any notice, warning and any justification, ISAM may block your use of this website or your access to the website, if deemed appropriate. Moreover, ISAM may block your access and use of all or any part of this website in case you violate the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


The use of certain brands and other distinctive names and/or marks and other items subject to intellectual property owned by third parties on this website does not mean that there is any relationship or a license agreement between such persons and ISAM, or that ISAM approves the goods, services and transactions of such third persons. Unless ISAM or the relevant third parties, that are the owner of the relevant intellectual properties, provide written consent, nothing in the content of this website grants the user any right or license to use any trademark, distinctive names and signs, logos and designs and similar intellectual property rights owned by of ISAM or third parties.


This website may provide means to the user to add messages and different contents to the site, upload files, documents and similar items (“additions to the website”) in order to communicate with ISAM and other users. When using such means provided to you on this website, the items listed in this paragraph are prohibited: (a) To dispose of the website on an issue that is at the discretion and administration of ISAM or to prevent, restrict, hinder, or intervene the regular operation of the website or others from using and benefiting from the website or make any attempts in this regard; (b) any information that is unlawful, intimidating, threatening, insulting , contrary to religion or general morality, indecent, obscene, pornographic, degrading, defamatory, abusive, expletive and similar information; (c) any text, article, picture, image, photograph, news, software or similar elements, including but not limited to, that constitute or incite a crime, violate national and international laws, that damage, violate, infringe or insult the personal rights, private lives and public rights of others and that violate or infringe copyrights, patents, designs, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights protected by the intellectual property law or other laws as well as adaptation and collection rights of the author without the permission of the author; (d) any messages, additions or publications that encourage hatred, racism, bigotry, any form of physical violence or aggression against others or that may be harmful to minors, offensive, aggressive or may incite aggression towards others; (e) encourage minors to violence and sexuality or provide information about activities against law or about the production or sale of illegal weapons; (f) request and receive passwords and personal information of those who use the website to give such information to other users and to use such information for commercial or other illegal purposes; (g) any messages, additions and uploads that contain viruses or harmful spam or create viruses; (h) send unwanted e-mail, chain letters, uninvited bulk e-mail or spam; or (i) use the website for commercial purposes, leave a message, add or upload elements related to advertising, sales, commercial activities.

You agree that you give ISAM the exclusive, unrestricted, unlimited in terms of location, irrevocable and royalty-free permission and license for the messages you leave on this site, additions and uploads you make and all other elements. Said permission and license right includes the right of use, reproduction, dissemination, processing, modification, correction, adaptation, storage, creation of collected works, communication to the public, retransmission, representation, exhibition of all kinds of messages, publications and other elements you leave, upload and add to this website, and other similar rights as well as the right to license others regarding the said rights. Users who leave a message on this website, or make any additions and uploads to this website, also accept to waive all moral rights in favor of ISAM.

While ISAM reserves the right to modify remove and restrict the messages left and additions and uploads made by the users without any justification, the users also accept that the information required by the law or requested by the courts or public institutions can be given by ISAM to the relevant institutions and authorities or made public.

All kinds of user messages, publications and similar additions published on this website reflect the opinions of the relevant person, and ISAM is not responsible for such opinions and ideas and related messages, additions and uploads and any other content, or the investigation or finalization of any complaints about this website.


The information on this website is provided for the sole purpose of informing the user and does not provide advice on legal, medical, financial, investment, tax, accounting and other similar issues. It is not recommended that you take any action by relying on the information published on this website.


For some special uses specified on this website, you may be required to obtain a user name and password through the member and registration system on the website. You are solely responsible for keeping the password and username confidential, and when you learn of any unauthorized use of your password or account, you must notify ISAM immediately and log out securely each time you log out of your user account on the website. ISAM is not liable for any loss, damage or expense arising from the failure to protect your password and account due to your or ISAM’s negligence.


Notices and notifications regarding unauthorized use and violation of copyright and other intellectual property rights can be made to this e-mail address [email protected] . Upon any notice and notification, ISAM shall immediately evaluate and investigate such notices and shall take all necessary measures and actions. In order to ensure effectiveness, notifications and notices about unauthorized use and violation should be made in the following manner:

  1. Identification of copyright or other intellectual property rights alleged to be used without permission on the website

  2. Signature of the authorized person making the notice and notification on behalf of the owner of the copyright allegedly infringed

  3. Written statement that the copyright or other intellectual property right owner or its licensed person or agent does not consent to the use of such copyright in any way which is allegedly used without any authorization and thus violated according to the notification of the notifying person.

  4. Necessary and sufficient contact information (phone number, address, e-mail, etc.) to reach the notifying party.

  5. A statement by the notifying person that the information provided by the notifying person is accurate and reliable, that he/she may be subject to criminal liability for false statements and that he/she has the necessary authority to act on behalf of the copyright owner.


This website (excluding websites owned by third parties that are linked through this website) is controlled and managed by ISAM. If you access this website or use the website, the applicable law for the settlement of the problems related to the content of the website and the issues related to your access and use is Turkish law, and Istanbul central courts are authorized in this regard.